2020 Election - Biden Harris Unisex T-Shirts

2020 Election - Biden Harris Unisex T-Shirts

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2020 Election - Biden Harris Unisex T-Shirts

The cult-beloved appeal is also helped by the Golden Girls bow to the queens Shirt but in fact I love this fact that some of the merch from A24 and Elara Pictures is designed by another buzzy label, Online Ceramics, which is known for its Grateful Dead–inspired, triptastic T-shirts that sell out oh so quickly. A24 has collaborated with Online Ceramics, churning out funky promotional shirts around films like Midsommar and Uncut Gems. It is both transfixing and entertaining. Those pieces are also all sold out, but you can find them now marked up on Grailed.Coincidently, the same day that Chalamet’s photo in an Elara Pictures cap hit the wires, Elara revealed its new and improved website, elara.world. It promotes Elara Pictures films and merch, including a sturdy new red tote bag with a cartoon witch on it that reads “Unbutton your mind.” (That wonky graphic and language feel very Online Ceramics!) All of these things are advertised in a spoof on sensational tabloids, which in a way makes sense: The merch is sensational! The community around it is sensational.Obviously, there are professional reasons why Timmy and EmRata are wearing the hat. (Could Chalamet be in a potential Elara Pictures film? We’d love to see it!) And regardless, the two celebrities seem to be…in the know. But why do others care? Why are there so many Reddit threads dedicated to this dad cap?Well, the hat at least shows that the wearer has an inkling of what is going on in the movie world: Call it an intellectual film-bro flex. Elara Pictures and A24 churn out sleeper-hit films that reel in big names, and while they might not be immediate blockbusters, they eventually gain widespread approval over time. Wearing the hat says that you’ve seen a goatee-sporting Sandler canoodle with Julia Fox in Uncut Gems or Pattinson frantically run through New York in Good Time. (Or at least you look like you do.) And if the merch looks good (which it does), well, it’s the perfect recipe for hype. It brings me back to this Reddit thread in which a user posted the question: “Can we make a pact that we’ll all post in here when we these fuckin’ hats hit the schmatas again?” A pact? About a hat? It turns out there is a little bit more to it.While many of us are feeling a collective exhale as the end of the Trump era draws near, there are still challenges ahead as the coronavirus continues to spread rapidly. The reality is we have a long winter ahead of us, and for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder, also known as seasonal depression, managing symptoms is bound to be even more difficult in lockdown. Here, experts break down what season affective disorder is, and how best to treat it, along with depression-like symptoms, in the time of COVID-19.Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a clinical depression that follows a regular seasonal pattern. “The most common seasonal pattern in SAD is depression during the fall and winter months with periods of full improvement in the spring and summer,” explains psychologist Kelly Rohan, a professor at the University of Vermont. According to expert studies, seasonal affective disorder, both severe and mild, affects about 5% of the U.S. population, with women more likely to be affected than men.By and large, the symptoms of depression in SAD are the same as nonseasonal depression symptoms. According to Rohan, the most commonly reported SAD symptoms include significant fatigue, pervasively sad mood, loss of interest in activities, sleeping more hours than usual, difficulty concentrating, and eating more starches and sweets.

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